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Knockout Competition Spreadsheets - a couple of free spreadsheets for making a scribes job a bit easier.  Given a list of competitors they generate the running order layout for you.  One sheet uses criteria (grade, age, weight) to sort the competitors into their individual competition categories, the other one is more manual - you sort the competitors into the individual competitions yourself; and whichever sheet you use, the sheet generates the running order sheets ready for you to print out.

The competitors get added onto the running order sheets in a random order.  For the criteria sheet, it takes into consideration the club or team that the competitors belong to and organises the initial round so that competitors face members from different teams.Competition_Criteria.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0

Note you can use the MS Compatibility Pack for opening newer format documents in older versions of MS Office.

Download Competition - Criteria.xlsmOffice_files/Competition%20-%20Criteria.xlsm
Download Competition - Simple.xlsmOffice_files/Competition%20-%20Simple.xlsm

Knockout Competition Spreadsheets



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