Office Tools - Competition Criteria Spreadsheet


The Control sheet contains a number of buttons split into sections and the date of the competition, which is used for determining the age of each competitor.

The first section contains controls for setting up the different competitions.  It is recommended that you use the buttons in their numbered order:

  1. Bullet Allowed Grades - moves the user to where the list of allowed grades is held (at the top of the data sheet, listed horizontally across the sheet).  Edit the list as appropriate and return to this sheet.  The list should be in grade order, increasing from lowest grade at the left to highest grade at the right.

  2. Bullet Add Team - displays a dialog to add a new team or club name.  Use Edit Team to move to the list of teams where they can be edited or deleted.

  3. Bullet Add Competition - displays a dialog to add a new competition name for which entry criteria will be added (see next).

  4. Bullet Add Competition Criteria - displays a dialog to add the different criteria that defines the rules for entry into the competition.  There are expected to be many different criteria per competition to allow for a fair and balanced set of competitions.  Again, use Edit Competition Criteria to go to the Data sheet to edit or delete criteria.

Add Competition Criteria -

  1. Bullet Competition Name - Use the drop down list to select from the previously defined names.

  2. Bullet Category Name - Type in the text to be added to the Competition Name to identify the sub-category for the competition, e.g. Mens Lightweight.

  3. Bullet Gender, Weight, Grade, Age - enter the values as appropriate.  If the criteria doesn’t apply then just leave the relevant value blank.  E.g. if there is no minimum weight but there is a maximum weight then leave the Weight Min field blank and enter a value into the Weight Max field. Similarly, if there are no weight limits then leave both min and max fields blank.

The next section on the Control sheet contains controls for adding the competitors.

  1. Bullet Add Competitor - displays a dialog to add a competitor’s details.  These are used for comparing against the competition criteria to sort the competitors into their respective categories.  The Competitor is assigned to the different competitions using this dialog.

  2. Bullet Again, use Edit Competitor to go to the Competitors sheet to edit or delete competitors details.

The Generate Competition Sheets section contains the controls for processing the data that has been entered and producing the running order sheets.

  1. Bullet Show Team Name - controls whether the team name is displayed with the competitor’s name.

  2. Bullet Same Team Bout - controls whether bouts between members of the same team are drawn first or last.  Same Team Bouts occur when there are more competitors from one team than can be matched by the other teams.

The final sections are used for checking that the competitors are not missing from a running order sheet, and are not duplicated on more than one sheet, for a competition.  The validation is done against generated sheets, not just against the criteria (since the criteria may have edited and the sheets not re-generated).

The Delete All Competition Sheets can be used to delete the generated competition running order sheets.

A couple of example generated competition running order sheets can be seen below, both of which have Show Team Name enabled.  The first example has sub-criteria defined for the competition, the second has none.

Download Competition - Criteria.xlsmCompetition_Criteria_files/Competition%20-%20Criteria.xlsm