iOS Apps - Competition Clicker

Competition Clicker - use it to keep score for anything.  Its best for Martial Arts competitions, its got great big buttons so you don’t have to look away from the action and once you’re done just hit the result button and the whole screen changes to be the colour of the winner.  So instead of digging out your coloured cards and having to check you’re showing the right one - it does it for you.

The default screen shows white and red competitors colours, in landscape (or portrait depending on how you’re holding the device).  See above.  The scores are shown in the text boxes above the buttons and the control buttons in the menu bar above that.

When a single score button is shown for each competitor then each press of a score button will increase the score by one.

The Options screen (see right for the top part of the Options screen) can be used to change the set up of Competition Clicker.  Here, the number of score buttons has been changed to three for each competitor.  The result of on the main screen is shown below:

The screen now has three scoring buttons per competitor.  You can still have the device in landscape rather than portrait, as it is shown here, but the buttons become a bit short.

The scores that each button awards is now shown on the buttons.

You can use this mode if the competitions that you judge have different points awarded for different techniques.

You can use the Options screen for changing the colours for the competitors, for example below is the screen for single score buttons using blue and red.

You can change the scores that are awarded for each button (see right for the next part of the Options screen) when multiple scoring buttons are used.  You can assign a maximum value of 10 for a button.

On the Options screen you can also switch sound and vibrate feedback on and off.  Competition Clicker defaults to having sound on and vibrate off.

Below right is the screen shown for the score buttons configured in the Options page, with the competitors buttons changed to shown blue and green.  There are range of colours that can be picked.

You can also change the options to allow for a drawn result, i.e. where each competitor has scored the same, and select the colour to be shown for that result (not shown).

If you do not allow a drawn result (the default setting) then if you try to show that result the screen changes to show a message saying that you must adjust the result so that there is a clear winner (not shown).

When the competition is over, you press the Show Result button to change the screen to display the winning competitor’s colour (see left).

Finally, back on the main screen, hit the Reset button to set the scores back to zero for the next bout.